4 Tips on how to Dress for Your Photography Session

After eyeing off their work for months you've booked your dream family photographer and your all excited.  You have visions of how fabulous you’re all going to look but you have no idea where to start.

Being apart of a few family based groups on Facebook, the second most common question I see regarding family photography is we’ve finally booked in for photos, any ideas on what to wear? 

I love to chat about upcoming sessions with families and share in their excitement. These are the main things we discuss when it comes to how to dress for your family photography session. 

1). Keep your clothing within a similar colour palette. 

This really tip really helps you look like you belong together as a family instead of a random group of strangers in a beautiful location. When you look at your photos you want your beautiful faces to shine through.

It’s such a shame when gorgeous expressions and connections are over shadowed and become secondary to a mis match of competing colours, the last thing you want to do in a year or two is look back and think WHY did we wear that!

How to dress for a family photography session.

2). Add texture and pattern

Once you have your basic colour palette, adding a little pattern or texture is a great way to stand out as in individual within the family. It’s best to choose one family member to wear a pattern, this usually works well if you choose one of the children because kids tend to be the focus in photos.

When we look at images we want our eyes to look at the people we love, too many patterns may clash and it can draws our eyes away from your faces and straight back to what you’re wearing.

Adelaide Family Photographer wearing pattern and texure

3). Adding a pop of colour

One of the things I share with mums is to take a look around your home and see what colours you have out on display. What colour is your lounge, what colour rugs or flooring do you have, even down to the colour of curtains and the even cushions. 

If your home is like mine, which is 50 shades of neutral you don’t want to be wearing bright red. Chances are if you choose a bright bold colour that is not displayed in your home, your probably not going to like your how the colour looks when your images are displayed because it doesn’t match.

On the other hand if your home fairly neutral with pops of colour think about how you could incorporate those same that colour into your clothing for your session. It could be as simple as adding a scarf.

Adelaide Family Photography Session adding pops of colour

4). Feel Comfortable

This is one of my MOST important tips. Mums, you need to feel comfortable and confident in what you wear otherwise you won’t like a single image your in and that would be heartbreaking.

My very best advice is to not worry so much about the kids, they will look adorable regardless. Choose your clothing first, pick colours you feel fabulous in and dress in the rest of the family around you.

How do you know if your clothing works? I ask clients to send my photos and we talk about it BUT you can lay all of outfits on a bedroom floor next to each other during the day. While standing on a bed and take a photo with your phone and have a look at the image. If you look at your phone and feel you've entered haze of blue denim then you know you need to start replacing with a little colour, pattern or texture. 

Choosing your clothing for a session can be a daunting and overwhelming, hopefully this has given you some clarity and fresh ideas. 

If all else fails Pinterest is a great help, you can check out my main board here