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Like many other photographers I am a huge fan girl of Elena Shumilova, I love the way she captures the pure innocence of childhood in the most magical way. Being an avid follower I noticed that she was had run a workshop in Europe so I took a chance and emailed her, I introduced myself and explained that I was a family and child photographer in based Adelaide, Australia. I understand we’re a long way from Russia and she has a young family but would she consider coming here one day? After I hit send I tried to put the email out of my mind because I didn’t expect a response.

A few days, maybe a week went by and I saw Elena’s name in my inbox and I immediately sat up like I was being told off at school and stared for a good minute before opening the email. To my sheer amazement, Elena said would love to teach a workshop here and she gave me her availability. Wait what? Did I really just read that? I sat wide eyed while my little brain processed the words she had written.  

Within minutes I went from joy and elation to needing to change me pants because I’ve never hosted a workshop before, the thought terrified me and there was so much to do…..SO much to do.

After a year of planning, the time for the workshop finally arrived. I had the locations sorted (one changed at the last minute, that was a bit nail biting) gorgeous kids to model, equally gorgeous clothing, props, and most importantly catering, mmmmmm foooooood!

Overall the weekend was a great success, it was truly fabulous to see inside the mind of Elena and watch how she creates scenes, gives directions to the children to capture what she can see before she hits the shutter.

A big thanks to Diana from Freckly Ollie for the divine childrens clothing.  Diana is based in Victoria and I am so excited to see her range for the new season!! The Haus in Hahndorf for the fabulous food, the Hahndorf Farm Barn for letting us hire their property and animals.

Another big thanks to my parents for letting us use their property at the last minute which was bacon saving!

The biggest thanks to Elena herself for travelling all the way from Russia to Australia, who knew that one little email would result in 4 workshops across Australian I’m so happy they were a success and we continue to get fabulous photographers to come to this far away island in the sun. 


Child Portrait Photography Adelaide

Your family photo’s should be as relaxed as possible without lots of awkward posing and an experience your family will always cherish.

If you’re looking a laid back, laugh a minute session where you’re having so much fun you don't realise your photo is being taken, get in touch today so we can capture all of important precious moments you never want to forget.

I look forward to working with you to turn your family into art that you can proudly display in your home. 

Professional photographer Briony Williams is Adelaide’s premier photographer specialising in family photography and child portraits. Based in the Adelaide Hills Sundays Child Photography photographs clients on location around the Adelaide Hills, the South of Adelaide and beyond.

Sundays Child Photography has been featured on Child Photo Competition ~ Viewbug ~ Newborn Prop Marketplace ~ The Artistic Soul ~ In the Shadows of Life ~ In Beauty and Chaos ~ Snap Love Grow

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