Hair today....donated tomorrow

                                                                 Hair today, gone tomorrow! Last photos before the big hair donation day. 

                                                                 Hair today, gone tomorrow! Last photos before the big hair donation day. 

Hair today....donated tomorrow

I could not be prouder of this girl, I knew this day was coming and I made sure we got a few long hair photos. Her hair has grown exceptionally long over the last 5 and a half years and she's wanted a hair cut for the last 12 months or so. I agreed on the condition that we donate the hair to charity. I explained that there are people who get very sick and no longer have hair and it would be a beautiful gift if we give them hair that would be made into a wig so they can feel confident and beautiful about themselves again. 

We've been taking care of and growing out her hair so when her hair was cut it would still be long. It got to the point where she could sit on it and one day I saw the very ends on the toilet seat and I thought…..well that's pretty gross it's time to book an appointment.

We booked with Citri Hair Gawler St, Mount Barker. Citri are a sustainable hairdressing salon which means they recycle everything and all the hair that falls on the floor is sent away and to be used in the ocean to soak up oil spills (how cool is that!). 
The minimum length of hair they can take for donation is 15 cm, (shortest hair donation length in Australia). I think my little love ended up getting close to 25 cm cut off which is a huge length of hair for a small person.

It was a great experience for her, she came away with a certificate and an overwhelming sense of pride. She paraded around with her certificate in the hope that people would stop to talk to her, they did and she loved every minute of it right down the good job complimentary donut from a local café. 

Well done beautiful girl we are so proud of you! 


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